Medical and Pharmaceutical Translations.

Over the past decade, Anglotrans has experienced a growing requirement for medical and pharmaceutical text translations, for research and update purposes. This discipline has been particularly cultivated because the Anglotrans directors have chosen medicine and pharmaceutics as their specialist translation fields before branching out into the related subjects of chemistry, dentistry and veterinary science.

All our translators of medical and pharmaceutical texts have had some form of medical training, ranging from working with medical students at teaching hospitals to on-site training in pharmaceutical and tablet making companies.

Pharmaceutical translations: these include translations for the leading pharmaceutical companies in the UK. Example subjects are beta blockers,salbutamol (Ventolin), beclamethasone dipropionate (Becotide), Zantac and Betamethasone (Betnesol).
The translations range from clinical trials, research papers, production processes and quality control and documents ultimately required for registration purposes.

The spin-off from these texts led to translations of homeopathic manuals and booklets showing the indications, methods of application and active substances involved. Patents on tablet making processes or on specialist diets for patients suffering from phenylketonuria (PKU) have also been translated.

Medical texts: these obviously include more specific procedures covering descriptions of surgical interventions if a new technique has been adopted. These translations have included descriptions of hip transplant operations, where the manufacturers of artificial hips want to highlight the superior quality of their products from the point of view of material properties to durability.

Anglotrans has also translated medical books ranging from 350 to 700 pages of print. The subject matters were on the evolution of AIDS, the "treatment" of AIDS, the effects of silicone breast implants after a period of 20 years, and a booklet on PKU patients and their recommended diets.

Medical and pharmaceutical translations are produced very regularly in view of ongoing research. The work not only originates from the United Kingdom but also from Germany, Holland, Scandinavia and Spain.
Anglotrans would be pleased to undertake a trial translation of up to 300 words.

Translations are supplied via modem, fax or hard copy, and on disk using IBM or Mac compatible software. The company also has its own desk top publishing facility.

All Anglotrans translators are governed by a strict code of confidentiality which establishes a foundation of trust between the Company and its clientele.

Should you require any further information or a quotation for a specific project, please telephone or email us and post or fax a copy of the original document. A very competitive price and delivery time will be provided within 24 hours.

If you prefer to discuss a long-term association whereby reduced rates may be available for ongoing annual contracts, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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