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Anglotrans Ltd. is a well-established and professional company, having links with major translation companies in the UK and is employed on a retainership basis by
major firms in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy and Holland.
Anglotrans concentrates on offering translations from French, German, Spanish and Italian, but will undertake other European languages on request.

The areas covered include:-
Technical Technical    
Engineering, Aeronautical, Mechanical, Electronics, Computers, Machine Tools, Power Stations, etc.
Specialist Specialist
Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Medical, Veterinary, Environment etc.
Insurance Insurance 
Policies, Underwriting, Claims, Medical Reports, Reinsurance treaties etc.
Legal Legal      
Litigation, Court cases, Disputes etc.
Tenders, Correspondence etc

The directors of Anglotrans have, with more than 30 years full time translation experience, handled the most complex of subjects, including research papers, books and clinical trials. CVs available on request.

The translators have professional indemnity insurance cover.
The translators will not translate outside their sphere of competence.
All Anglotrans translators are governed by a strict code of professional confidentiality which establishes a foundation of trust between the Company and its clientele.
All Anglotrans Ltd. translators will work only into their mother tongue.

Anglotrans is a full member of the ATC (Association of Translation Companies).
One of the directors of Anglotrans, Colin R.Smith, is the former chairman of the ATC.

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